As children participate in therapy and gain experience and skill in mastering their physical environment, confidence and mastery in a variety of contexts outside of the therapeutic environment follows.

In each program activities are presented that engage children to use their minds, bodies and hearts to work toward individualized goals.


Finger Fun
The focus of these sessions is to provide fun, interesting fine motor activities for children who are developing the foundation skills necessary for functional handwriting and tool/utensil use.

Get it Write
These sessions are designed for children who may be struggling with learning to write. Sensory motor warm ups are combined with fine motor activities and practice writing.

Write On
Developed for children in First and Second grade who need skill refinement in handwriting. Engaging activities facilitate more automatic handwriting and develop advanced skills such as spacing and error detection to increase legibility.

Leaps and Bounds
During these sessions children will participate in developmentally appropriate activities which focus upon whole body strengthening, learning how to sequence and carry out unfamiliar motor activities, self regulation and body awareness as these skills relate to interacting with their physical world in a successful and gratifying way.

Power Players
The goal of these sessions is to help children improve postural stability, strength and endurance to build a solid base for developing more refined gross motor and fine motor skills.

Focused Fun
Using neurofeedback technology, children develop attention and executive functioning skills. Over time, they learn how it feels to focus and they develop the skills that can help them concentrate and become successful learners. Skills such as attention stamina, time on task, short term memory sequencing and discriminatory attention/impulse control are addressed.